Here you can find answers to all our frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact regal@stowmarket.org. 

Q. Can I bring my own drinks and snacks to The Regal?

A. No, consumption of food and drink bought outside of The Regal is not permitted within the venue with the exception of bottled water. We have a fantastic range of drinks and snacks available at our Box Office and delicious hot and cold meals at our new café bar - The 1936. If you have an allergy or specific dietary requirement which prevents you from purchasing good from us and you'd like to bring your own snacks, please use our contact form to inform us in advance.

Q. How do I get to the venue?

A. The Regal can be reached on foot, by car or by public transport. Stowmarket Train Station is just a 9 minute walk away and the Ipswich Reds 88 bus service stops just 150 metres from the venue.

Q. Is there parking available at The Regal?

A. We do not have our own car park. However we are situated directly next to Ipswich Street Car Park which has a limited number of spaces including disabled bays. Other car parks nearby include Milton Road (outside B&M) and the Meadow Centre (outside ASDA). For more information regarding the aforementioned car parks, including ticketing hours and tariffs, please click the links provided.

Q. Can I visit The 1936 Café Bar if I'm not seeing a film?

A. Yes! The 1936 is open to all, you don't have to be watching a film to use the Café/Bar.

Q. What happens if I'm late to my film/show?

A. If you've purchased your ticket in advance, we will always allow admittance, even if you're running late. However, if you haven't purchased your ticket in advance, you won't be allowed in, as we stop selling tickets 10 mins before the film has started.

Q. I want to eat in The 1936 before my film, how much time should I allow?

A. We would love for you to enjoy a bite to eat in our new Café Bar before your film. To ensure you have enough time to enjoy your meal, we suggest you arrive 45 minutes before your film is due to start. Café drinks can be transferred from glasses to plastic cups if you wish to take them into your film screening. Food from The 1936 is not permitted in the auditoriums with the exception of cake and ice creams.

Q. Why are some seats unavailable to book?

A. In line with the most recent Covid-19 government guidelines, we must ensure our customers are seated at least 1m away from others not from their household. Because of this, you may be unable to select certain seats on our seating plans when booking tickets.

Q. Will there be booster seats available?

A. The Regal has a limited number of booster seats for customer use, these are available on a first come, first served basis. We ask that you return the booster seats to their rack in the foyer after your film has finished, thank you.

Q. Can I take photographs during the film/show?

A. Taking photographs or recordings of any description is strictly prohibited within a film screening. Photography and/or videography at some live shows may be permitted but permission to do so will operate on a show by show basis.

Q. Do your films/shows have intervals?

A. Regular film screenings do not have intervals. Event cinema and live shows may have intervals, this is decided on an show by show basis.

Q. Do your films/show have merchandise for sale?

A. On occasion we may have merchandise available for our films, event cinema and live shows. This is decided on a film by film/show by show basis.

Q. Can I smoke inside the venue?

A. No - smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes is strictly prohibited within The Regal. Customers can smoke outside, cigarette bins are provided.

Q. Can I sing/dance during a live show?

A. Due to current Covid-19 government guidelines, customers must remain seated throughout any performance to maintain a 1m distance from others outside of their household. Singing is also currently prohibited due to the associated increased risk of distributing Covid-19 particles.

Q. Do your live shows use strobe lighting/smoke machines?

A. Some live shows may feature special effects including strobe lighting and smoke machines. Please contact us at regal@stowmarket.org to enquire about any shows you're interested in.

Q. What do the different film classifications mean?

 A. Below are the official BBFC age ratings for films shown in the UK.